Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What's going on?

A while since I last wrote. So what's up...

1. I've seen Momix (, it's a dance group, however everything happens behind a semi-transparent curtain, with the dancers dressed with fluourescent colours against a black background. You get nice visual effects but it gets boring after a while. Nice as a novelty, but repetitive and soon you lose interest.

2. With Marco and David mainly, I've started a business group. We had our first meeting in a pub where we discussed business ideas and what do we want from a business group. We were four people in the first meeting. The result was a private google group and regular business meetings. We also played poker which was fun. :-)

3. I booked the accommodation for New York in a hostel (for 2 nights) next to Madison Square Garden. Very good location. And cheap. Well, sharing with 8 other people. It will be fun. I don't mind that. And straight after that, moving into a 4 star hotel which the company pays for :-). You get the best of both worlds.

4. I've switched from reading blogs the old way to an aggregator. I use SharpReader, written in .NET and pretty happy with it. I've noticed some bugs, but it does the main job. It's quite a refreshing approach.

5. Not much else I guess...