Friday, January 26, 2007


Tomorrow we're getting on a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark where we'll spend the weekend. I've printed already the to-do and to-see list. It promises to be an enjoyable trip, although a bit colder than London.
What else is in the pipeline?


1. March - a week in Portugal, 4 guys, renting a car and travelling between Lisbon and Porto. One of them speaks portuguese, so we won't have a problem. Just in case, I'm taking my romanian-portuguese phraise book. Tudo bom!

2. Easter - we're planning a trip to Italy, the plan so far is to fly to Milan, rent a car and then drive all the way to Venice where we leave the car and fly back. On the way we can hit: Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Padova. It's not booked yet, but likely to be soon. 4 days trip.

3. April 21/22 - a short weekend in Budapest, meeting up with my sister and her future-to-be husband. In the heart of Magyar country.

4. 5-7 May - 3 day trip to Munich, Germany. We'll be with 2 friends, one of them german, so again, no problems. Just preparing our stomachs for lots of sausages and beer :-)

5. We also think about a trip in late May, nothing yet decided.

6. End of june - early July - 2 weeks in Romania at my sister's wedding and travelling a bit around Romania. Brasov very likely, maybe even the Black Sea coast, who knows?!

7. For august we're thinking of a trip to Scotland with Lilian maybe when she's coming here. Details not yet finalised.

So it's all good huh? :-)


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